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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Dirt and Hellebores

Today's stop on the Once Upon a Flock Blog Tour:  

I follow this wonderful blog because Dee's got the gardens of my dreams.  Joyful and unpruned, always a new wall or border being built, and full of plants I've never heard of....
like these here hellebores.   

Hellebore?  What kind of a name is that for a flower?  

....or for a chicken for that matter? 

I've named my chickens "Daisy" and "Fern"... I've known "Violet" and "Lily". 
But really now. Hellebore?
Head on over to read Dee's blog, leave a comment to win a free book, and then go to the top of the blog and click on "My Gardens" for some eye-candy and more Hellebores!

---and here's the full list of awesome blogs on my tour-- Enjoy!

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  1. Ha, I love your 'Hellebore' chicken! :D x

  2. Well, a common name for hellebore is 'Christmas Rose', so you might like that better for a hen's name.

    Personally, I rather fancy the idea of a black Australorp or the like named 'Hellebore'! But then I'd want one named 'Nightshade', too.

  3. I think Hellebore is a cool name. Better than the rooster my grand named...pecker. She's only 4 and named him that because he pecks her shoes, but it causes him great distress in the chicken pen.

  4. You definitely have an uncommon talent for matching plant names to chickens. What breed would Clivia and Clethra be? How about Actaea Pachypoda?