True stories of a small flock of remarkable individuals -- and other critters.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wandering with Marky

Together we've climbed mountains and 
 we have raced.  

We've waded,


and we've flown. 

We have tended flock 

and we've stolen kisses.

We've explored

and we've voyaged. 
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

This month, after fifteen years of high adventure, our sprint has slowed to a stagger.   
We still explore, but it's different now.  We don't go far. We take our time.
Sometimes Marky needs a few minutes to really process that sniff in all its nuances.

And just down the path, there's more sniffing and thinking to be done. 

So I stop, and I look around and I think about it too. 

I find things. 
delightful things. 

Elegant things. 

We are wanderers now. 

But you know,   

not all who wander are lost. *                       

                                                                      *J.R.R. Tolkien


  1. I'm feeling completely tender for you two.

  2. Oh, Lauren...we feel you here, too. When Sophie paralyzed her back, everything stopped, then slowly started again. But the sitting up and spinning and rolling for treats is gone as are the sprints after squirrels. And we're so thankful for the slow walks and lazy couch days now. I love the lichen photos. I always pause and look at them on our fence, too...just so beautiful.

  3. Here's to a new year of wandering in wonder... and hoping you continue sharing the adventures with us.

  4. I love this! Thank you for your perspective!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love every blog post! Yes, I remember when my little dachshund slowed to a caterpillar crawl and finally took his last breath. I wanted to go with him. Five months later -- after many tearful nights -- I found my gorgeous Kiki and could finally say goodbye to Timothy. I learned a new meaning to rescue dog. People say I rescued Kiki, but in reality she rescued me from the depths of mourning.

  7. Oh my god, my heart almost stopped as I was rushing through your new post to see if your Marky was ok. Then after the relief of finding out he is fine, I went back and actually took my time to enjoy each picture, loved it! Happy New Year!

  8. Here's to appreciating the value of every pace travelled together. Charming. And by the way what the heck is that red flowered tiny plant.

  9. Marky is just so cute. I love the photos and your sketches of him equally. May you have many, all be it slower paced, wanderings. Happy New Year.

  10. Lovely stuff :) Lots of smiles here when I was reading and looking through the photos :)

  11. I am "mom" to a 17 year old dog who is now wandering as well. I read your blog today and cried. Each moment, each breath with my Tucker is a gift, a jewel. I'm so glad someone else gets it. Thank you.

  12. Loved this. My eldest dog will be 14 in April and he's slowing down. Hope he makes it to 15 or more in good health, like Marky.

  13. Your post is a shining testimony to the priceless relationship between you & Marky. I wish you both happy trails.

  14. If we're doing it right, senior pets teach us something new everyday. :)

    This post is beautiful!


  15. Lovely blog, it's great so see chickens and other animals getting along so well

  16. how wise, beautiful and bittersweet ... I cherish every cuddle and looooong sniffing walk with Marley too ~ how lucky he got to know Markey and Ange ~ we dream of beach romps


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  18. uwah, I've never seen something that small can give us this big happiness, it's beautiful

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