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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scanning the Skies

...continued from previous post: Meet The Girls: Lil'White

Lil' White was dillydallying in the nesting box all morning, and Lucy and Hatsy seemed restless so I let them out of the coop for a moment to look for bits of corn and scratch in the snow.   As they stepped out into the world, they turned their tiny heads in unison and stopped dead in their tracks.  

I looked up, thinking there was a helicopter or something..
It was a  BALD EAGLE.  First one I've ever seen outside a zoo.
Would never imagine a bald eagle over Upton, MA.

Once the eagle was out of sight,  pecking resumed.

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  1. a Bald Eagle ~ Really?! cool!

    *LOVE* this drawing ... and this BLOG!!!

  2. VERY cool!! Though I'm sure your biddies were not so impressed. :)
    You're drawings and artwork really do kick some serious butt btw! I'm quite blown-away!

  3. I had to rescue my little red hen from a bald eagle last August. The crows alerted me. I went out to look because it sounded like a Hitchcock film in my backyard. There was the damned eagle with Roz in it's claws. I didn't want that bird to think my yard was easy pickings, so I charged. It was under the apples trees, so it couldn't just take off. I chased it around the yard in my pink jammies and bathrobe until it dropped her. To my surprise, my little red hen took off like a shot and wedged herself behind the wood pile. I took her inside and checked her out. The eagle had pulled off all her back feathers and a couple of patches of skin, but otherwise, she seemed okay. I cleaned her up with betadine and blu-kote. I put her outside during the day in a dog crate. She seemed perkier and ate more if she was with the other girls. A week later, she was back in the coop. This all happened IN the city of Seattle.

    Love your site.