True stories of a small flock of remarkable individuals -- and other critters.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fleeting cuteness

Cute as a button.
Here's Little White, a few days old.
   Friends flocked to our house to see the chicks... their adorableness was almost unbearable.
Then they went through this freaky gangly stage.

Somehow Little White remained cute, but the others  were hideous.
They were outgrowing their little tv-box in the living room, and their poops really began to stink, so 
I whipped them up a nice little coop.


  1. Little White a few days old... perfect shape, perfect balance,... comfortably asymmetrical. Oops, gotta scroll back to the top to stare at the photo some more. :0)

  2. I LOVE the gangly teenaged chicks!

  3. I love this blog,the pictures, and illustrations so much I started reading it to my 3 year old grand daughter, who live with me.
    We have chicks and found this to give us a daily laugh and lots of food for thought. What fun we have. I even sent it to my friends for their daily laugh.

  4. Why this is simply one of the most wonderful blogs I've ever come across. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!

  5. very cute. I put a yellow hen in my mother's lap (she had alzhiemers) and she just petted it saying "nice kitty" The grandchildren cracked up

  6. sooooooo cuuuuuuute!!