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Monday, December 12, 2011

Where's Marky? (December game)

Enjoying the season's long shadows and warm colors with my favorite hiking buddy.

 You won't find Marky in this picture,

or in this one.

He's waiting for me to finish whatever the heck I'm doing, so we can get on with the fun. 

Wait a minute little guy.

Just one more.

Oooh - just a sec.

Okay, last one.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     
Alright let's go......   Where's Marky?

Best little white dog.

(hint: if you cant' find Marky in these pix, click on the image for enlargement.)

Need more fun?  
To play the first "Where's Marky" game, click HERE!


  1. Marky is the sweetest fuzzy white thing <3 I love how his little ears and paw tip make appearances. I am awash in the cuteness!

  2. wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the 'Where's Marky' game. My fav photo has just the tips of his ears showing. Too wonderful.

  4. Good game! I love "ice-ears". I couldn't believe I didn't notice the ears. Duh!

  5. Love him and all your images of a very cold but sunny December!

  6. STUNNING photography!

    But where are the CHICKENS???


  7. What a charmed life Marky leads :) Photographs of him never fail to make me smile...I love to play where is Marky, I had to enlarge nearly every one!!!

  8. Nice photos! I am in the same facebook group, PETS.

  9. Love your photography... and agree with some other folks. Ice Ears is incredibly original! That's my favorite because it was clever and made me smile. The others were beautiful too though... I'm not saying....

  10. I think your photography is stunning, but I must admit, I love your little dog more!
    ~ Lynda

  11. Aren't little white dogs just the best? :-)


  12. This was great fun! My daughter found him in all the shots! Some were hard! She love ISPY! Thank you!

  13. These are so those icy ones. And, of course, i didn't see the caption for the first one (You won't find Marky in this one...) and i spent AGES searching. LOL on me!
    You are getting SO good at this!!

  14. Life doesn't get any better than this - a wonderful dog and a walk through breathtaking scenery.

  15. Oh, I should've read your profile FIRST before commenting on your coop (linked up to Tilly's Nest). You're part of two of our favorite things: American Girl and MOS! LOL

  16. I've never seen water swirls frozen in place! Stunning.
    Burying my face in Marky's fur, virtually speaking. Enjoyed the first game, too.