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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Blizzard 2010

Marky squinted with joy -- he's a certified snow-dog.

Lil'White watched as I shoveled the path. But she knows all about snow and how it feels on her little pink toes.  Once the door was opened, she retreated to the dry leafy depths of the coop.

Pigeon and Daisy paused a moment to take in the wonder of it all.
In a burst of excitement, Daisy launched herself across the yard, 

and was stranded.

Fern seemed confused.

Pigeon went exploring for a bit.

But Lil'White and Lucy fluffed themselves up and mustered their patience. They know it's a long way til Spring.


  1. My girls must be related to Lil'White and Lucy ~ they refuse to set foot in the snow!

    I hope Daisy was able to free herself from the snow!

    Wishing you and yours a Happy 2011 (and a short winter!).

  2. Hope it will warm up a bit now. Thanks for sharing this. Delightful as always!

  3. Lil'White and Lucy are chickens I can relate to. We had a white Christmas here in Georgia (first on since 1882) and the snow is still hanging around....I have to admit I'm a little tired of it. And Lil'White does have the cutest, pinkest chicky toes I've every seen.
    talk to you soon,
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  4. What a fun post, and it's always good to have a certified snow-dog--do the hens know Marky will help them out if needed? ;-)

  5. Love the pictures. :) My ladies are spoiled; they will never see snow, ever.

  6. Very cute post. 95% of my birds won't touch snow, but there are those few that will take the step. Some sink and began fluttering and reteated back to the houses. A few brave ones made it to the work shed where I ended up having to carry them back each evening.


  7. This is my first year for a flock also and my girls did not want to have anything to do with even a dusting of snow! It's fun to watch their reaction to anything new or different... Love your site!

  8. my girls trained me proper....when it snows, I immediatly have to go snow blow paths for them. plain old, shoveled paths would never do. :)
    thanks for sharing your chicken adventures. I just love my "Girls" and I am glad I'm not the only one! Happy New Year!

  9. Adorable post (as always!). :)
    Our gals get their run covered when it starts snowing here. Failure to cover the run in time results in chickens who stand around angrily squawking up a storm until the issue is cleared up.

  10. Hi Lauren, your blog is wonderful! My first visit here. If there is one things I'd do, it wold be designing children's book covers. It feel so good here :)

  11. chickens hate snow
    many of mine do not go back to their coops if they have to cross ice

    lovely graphics
    can I use one to direct people to your blog?
    e mail me on if its ok

  12. Adorable chickens, story, & blog!!!