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Friday, May 28, 2010


Continued from the previous post: GASP

We interrupt this chicken-blog to bring you
this robin

who bashed herself against this window 

day in and day out 

for  two weeks.

During brief breaks, she built this scruffy nest in a bush nearby.

She met herself a fella who liked her quirky ways, and in four days they had four eggs.

She tucked them in and sat on them.

Three hairy pink babies hatched on a cold morning, and the fourth hatched that afternoon.

Both parents cared for them tirelessly.

In a few days they started to look like birds.

Babies grew huge as days grew warm.
In two short weeks they were done.

Alert and ready, they literally popped out of the nest.
They each spent a day in the bushes around the yard while the parents continued to feed them.
And now they're part of the world.



  1. OH so sweet! Lets hope they dont learn Mommas window bashing habit though.

  2. Amazing- I can't wait to show Abby (7)!!!

  3. That last photo of the ready to fledge babies brings back a vague memory of an illustration in a children's book I read, or had read to me. It may have been a Golden Book of poems........ I think there was a little girl with blonde hair near by the picture or part of the picture. The illustration was detailed and I remember the spots on the babies breast and the light orange behind them just like you show here. I would love to find that book again, just for nostalgia's sake. :) Thanks for the story!

  4. what wonderful photos and must have great patience to watch for them and shoot just at the right time. Thanks - this has made my day!

  5. ha ha ha I have friends who have a Robin that does this EVERY year,lol. I love when the babies fling their heads back to eat,lol.

  6. lauren,
    You notice the neatest things. i've always admired the way your brain works.

    Wendy aka Whhhh

  7. Wow, the eggs colors are beautiful! Baby robins are so sweet, they have such cute faces. Another great blogpost! Oh and what a crazy mama!

  8. Ooooh! I'm a gonna share this with my whole class. Thank you again, Lauren!