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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Solution to Every Problem

Lately I've noticed Lucy's neck looking a little scraggly.  
But I chalked it up to old age...
I mean, my neck certainly doesn’t look like a spring chicken’s either. That's why I always pose with one of my hens.

See how young I look?
For a five-year-old hen, Lucy has been looking pretty healthy.
But here's what I mean about her neck:   

Then a couple weeks ago I witnessed this:
and I realized the problem wasn't old age -- the problem was Lil'White.

Lil'White goes after Daisy all the time, 
but Daisy has enough spunk to stay a few steps ahead of her.

Lucy, however, couldn't outrun a snail.

I only saw Lil'White pecking at Lucy once, and never again....but Lucy's feathers have been looking worse and worse.  

The night Lucy chose to roost outdoors at bedtime

I realized that Lil'White must have been nibbling at Lucy all night long on the roost inside.

Lil’White and Lucy always sleep side by side on the roost.

I couldn’t change their roosting situation - each gal chooses her place, and the bedtime routine is pretty much set in stone.

So I considered other possibilities:

These "pinless peepers" helped my friend Jennifer's gal, Lily,to change her peckish ways....

I had one other idea that seemed easier.  I took two pieces of wood, a couple of nails and a big ol’ C-clamp, and built a wall.

So now Evil Lil'White has a bedroom of her own. 

I'm not sure how Lil'White feels about this setup,
But I think Lucy and Daisy are thrilled.